Get the Deluxe Version of Dead Man’s Draw on Kickstarter Now!

We here at Gameosity are big fans of Dead Man’s Draw, so it is exciting to hear that Mayday Games is releasing a deluxe version. Dead Man’s Draw – Captain Carcass stays true to the original game while adding colorful new art and a tin box with a fun porthole. You’ll be able to see the circular part of the instruction book through the porthole (I can’t tell if that sailor looks nervous or hungry).
The trait cards have been updated too. Now, instead of a small icon, each trait is written out on the card to make it easier to play.


jessm Jess: I really like the new look of the game. The adorable Kraken cracks me up. Look at that smiling face! Also having the traits written out rocks. I often forget which cards do what in games and having to refer back to a reference sheet adds unnecessary time to my turns.


The original Dead Man’s Draw is a press your luck style game where you try to grab as much loot as possible without busting. If you are unfamiliar with it check out Andrew’s review of Dead Man’s Draw.

For a pledge of $20 you’ll get the platinum diver package which comes with a copy of Dead Man’s Draw Deluxe and a hand-numbered, limited edition sticker. The Kickstarter is running until Jan 29th, but there are only about 100 Platinum Diver sets left, so head on over to the Dead Man’s Draw Kickstarter and pledge now!

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