Tidy Up Your Shambling Dead With the New Broken Token Z​ombicide ​Organizers!

The Broken Token has announced three official Z​ombicide ​Organizers!

jessm Jess: The Gameosity crew are all pretty big fans of the Broken Token organizers. I have put together several now and while sometimes they need a bit of elbow grease and wood glue, they do a really great job at containing your bits.

Zombicide is a zombie survival game that includes three core sets, three main expansions, tons of smaller x-packs, and special guest boxes, so figuring out how to store the game has been nigh impossible…UNTIL NOW!

“The biggest design challenge was finding best way to store all of the tokens and medium ­sized bits, like cars and such,” said Christian Szatkowski, lead designer for the Zombicide organizers. “I wanted everything to have its place, but still try to maximize storage for the miniatures.”


The Broken Token organizers will hold each of the Zombicide Season’s core components and allow additional space for an expansion into the core box. The space is big enough for players to sleeve their cards if they prefer they decks fully dressed.

The first two season organizers will come with 9 removable trays for minis, cards, tokens, etc… making it easy to set up your game or put it away. The pieces are held in place by the rule books which sit on top of the organizers and are held in place by the box lid. The season 3 organizer has an additional custom wooden helicopter upgrade to replace the cardboard one that comes with the game.

“We’re really excited to work with CoolMiniOrNot,” said Greg Spence, CEO and founder of The Broken Token. “We’ve long been fans of their games, and partnering with them to offer a custom storage solution for Zombicide is a project we’re especially proud of.”

You can get the organizers separately for $41.99 or as a combo pack for $109.99 on the Broken Token website.


You can also purchase Zombicide seasons on Amazon on sale right now!

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