Faerûn is Coming Under Siege in a New Dice Masters Set!

WizKids has announced their new Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters set: Faerûn Under Siege will be coming out in February 2016! The starter set includes 44 dice, 38 Cards, 2 Dice Bags, and a Core Rulebook. The game has some well-known characters lurking within it as well. Be prepared to run into Drizzt, Bahamut, Lolth, and the big, bad demon lord Orcus.


WizKids will be offering a play mat for sale to accompany your game. The mat will be approximately 24” wide and 13” long and include a life meter, areas for cards and dice, and color-coded play areas. The image of the mat has not yet been released, but we are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

You also be able to expand your collection with foil packs. Each one has two cards and a pair of dice which will help you create and customize your team.

jessm Jess: Being such a D&D geek, I am ashamed to admit I have not tried the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters game yet, but Faerûn was my favorite world in the D&D universe so I am sorely tempted to try it out now. Rob has played a few of the Dice Masters games and you can check out his review of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters below.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Review

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