Tiny Epic Western Rounds Its Posse Up On Kickstarter!

Gamelyn Games has sent its’ newest “Tiny Epic” game to the Kickstarter and boy is it quick on the draw! Tiny Epic Western has already raised over $70,000 of its’ $15,000 goal! The game is a worker placement style for 2 to 4 players where everyone plays classic western themed characters. The Tiny Epic games are infamous for stuffing a ton of game into a tiny box and this one is just about as jam-packed as it can get.tew1

If you want to get a good feel for the game, check out Andrew’s preview of Tiny Epic Western

jessm Jess: I love the Tiny Epic series and this one does not disappoint. Go check out the Tiny Epic Western Kickstarter page. For a pledge of only $18, you get the base game plus all stretch goals or you can chip in a few extra bucks and get the deluxe version which comes with extra dice and characters. Go do it now before this game rides into the sunset without you!

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