Join the Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play 2016 Regional Championships!

Every year Fantasy Flight Games hosts the Organized Play Regional Championships at board game retailers around the country. These tournaments build toward the National and World Championships that happen later in the year. The US Regional Championships  take place between April 2nd and June 12th while the Canadian Championships take place from May through July.


Participating stores will receive kits that include promotional materials as well as exclusive prizes for their players. According to the Fantasy Flight press release, this years prizes include:

“Sixty-four copies of a tournament-legal alternate art card from the game for the top entrants.

Limited edition components and items to commemorate the accomplishments of top competitors. Each game features a different selection of sought-after prizes, such as acrylic tokens, alternate appearance dice, playmats, challenge coins, or cards presented in wood or plastic.

One card worth a prize bye at the game’s National Championship tournament.

One custom acrylic trophy for the winner, forever commemorating that player’s rise to the rank of Regional Champion!”

Retailers in the United States and Canada need to apply by February 3rd to have a chance to host one of the Organized Play Regional Championships. If you are a retailer go to the Fantasy Flight Championships page to apply. If you are a player, head to your local game store to encourage them to enter!

Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games

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