More Game Upgrade Kits by Meeple Source on Kickstarter!

With 30 days to go and 85% of their project already funded, Meeple Souce is well on their way to knocking their goal out of the park. This time around they are offering premium upgrade kits for Orléans, Mice & Mystics, Glass Road, Lewis & Clark, Arkham Horror, Brew Crafters, Caylus, Deus, and more.

jessm Jess: So many meeples! you can literally drown in an endless pile of wooden bits! This is awesome!

You can mix and match your pledge levels to get your choice of upgrade kits. Each kit comes with high quality wooden pieces designed for each specific game. For example, if you pledge to the Orléans levels you can get new resource tokens and a ridiculous amount of character meeples.


Meeple Source is also asking its backers for votes on which sets to add to the stretch goals. Looking for Mansions of Madness or an Imperial Settlers Atlanteans expansion kit? Head on over to the Kickstarter to give your opinion. This campaign is a great way to load up on meeples. The Meeple Souce Kickstarter is running until Feb 13 2016 and should ship that month.

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