Kickstarter has T.C. Petty Fever!

jessmClub Zen & Don’t Get Eated: The T.C. Petty Experience has hit Kickstarter and within the first hour, has already hit $3,000 of its $40,000 goal. T.C. Petty III is the brilliant mind behind VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game, Good ‘Ol Punchin’ Planes, and Xenon Profiteer. This Kickstarter will bring to life his two newest games Don’t Get Eated and Club Zen.

dont get eated
Don’t Get Eated is a social game for 5 to 9 players. Everyone will be adorable farm animals looking to escape the banal rural life for an exciting woodland adventure. There is only one problem. The woods are dangerous! The animals must work together (or against each other) to survive attacks by hungry predators.

Don’t Get Eated features the delightful art byKwanchai Moriya and comes with 99 Animal cards (9 different animals, 11 cards each), 12 Threat cards, a Wheel of Doom, and Point and Bite tokens. 

Club Zen

Petty’s second game, Club Zen, is a 3 to 5 player worker placement game, featuring art by Adam Rebottaro, where the workers finally get to take a break. You will have to manage your blissful vacation; deciding between things like Rock Climbing, making friends, or, the ever popular, nap break. The most “relaxed” player at the end of the game wins!

jessm Jess: I’m always a little nervous about buying any game that doesn’t have a 2 player option (It limits how often we can play them), but these games sound like a lot of fun and as Don’t Get Eated is a party game it makes sense.
You can pledge $19 for Don’t Get Eated or $49 for Club Zen or you can save a few dollars and get both for $64. The combo pack gets you one copy of each game plus the Mole promo deck, the Crowdfunding promo pack, and all stretch goal rewards. US and Canada also get free shipping. Cool beans! Head on over to the Club Zen & Don’t Get Eated: The T.C. Petty Experience Kickstarter page to check out the games and pledge your undying love to T.C.

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