Kickstarters I’m Backing – 1/19/2016

andysmHey all!  The new year has already brought with it a torrent of awesome Kickstarters, several of which have already separated me from my well-earned holiday bonus.  Actually, there are a lot of great games on Kickstarter right now, so picking and choosing has become difficult.  Even as I write these words, a new campaign from Greater Than Games is set to launch, and I’d be surprised if, by the end of this article, I haven’t already backed one or two more games.  Sigh.  Such is the world we live in.  But ignore the gentle weeping sound emanating from my wallet and let’s talk about some games instead!


First up, a once-micro worker placement game that’s all grown up…

Province Deluxe Edition

Laboratory, 2 player worker placement


The non-deluxe edition of Province is a super-portable game for 2, successfully Kickstarted in 2014.  In it, 2 players move several shared workers around the world’s smallest roundel, gathering Labor and Coins (the game’s only currency) in order to build structures and amass Victory Points.  The Deluxe version comes with a bigger (if still pretty darn small) board, as well as some updated structures and components.  I liked Province quite a bit for delivering extremely distilled worker placement gameplay in an incredibly portable format, and I am really looking forward to the increased quality of the presentation (which was already quite good).


From pastoral themes to industrial, we have…

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction Card Game

Minion Games, 1-5 player hand management/set collection


The original Manhattan Project board game is one of my favorite worker placement games.  In the grand tradition of all board games, it was bound to have a distilled, faster-playing version created.  However, Chain Reaction looks like it does some really neat things, by making each card usable as both workers and structures, meaning you’ll have to carefully consider how you use each card in your effort to build bombs more quickly than your opponent.  While my heart secretly yearns for a Manhattan Project The Dice Game, this quick-playing card game will do…for now.


On the theme of building (and dice)…

King’s Forge: Glassworks

Gamesalute, expansion to King’s Forge


King’s Forge is a fun game, filled with gorgeous artwork and tons and tons of dice.  The core game has players acting the role of smiths, eager to earn the king’s favor by crafting the best creations in the kingdom.  Using dice to represent materials, players first have a round of drafting (where they will gather resources for the next round), followed by a dice-driven crafting round, where players will try to match the types and values of dice needed to make their masterworks.  Glassworks expands on the base game, as well as the 2 existing expansions, Queens Jubilee and The Apprentices (the latter is in the process of being delivered to KS backers now, actually).  With even more beautiful art and an all-around increase in game components, this one just makes sense for King’s Forge fans.


Dice seems like a good theme.  Let’s stick with that a moment…

Dice Bazaar

Fedor Sosnin, Dice rolling, set collection


This one looks like a really nice little filler game.  Rolling dice to try to buy goods from the merchant, players of Dice Bazaar are all competing to have bought the most valuable goods by the end of the day.  The neat thing here for me seems to be that you can use previously purchased goods to improve your efforts to get more valuable loot, so there is a bit more going on than simple luck of the dice.  This KS could use some love, and I sincerely hope it sees funding.

And finally, the biggest, tiniest game on KS these days…

Tiny Epic Western

Gamelyn Games, Worker Placement with a western twist


We’ve already written a whole article about how much we love this one, so there isn’t much I’ll say here besides hot damn, do I love this one.  Excellent theme, fantastic gameplay, and just about the most game-for-your-buck I’ve ever seen, TEW is a lilliputian juggernaut, having smashed nearly every stretch goal in place, with more on the way.


So, that was more or less all my money, but at least that’s it for…oh god damn it T.C. Perry…

Club Zen & Don’t Get Eated

Greater Than Games, Social Survival & Worker Placement


Fresh off the KS presses, T.C. Perry (Viva Java: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game) brings us two new games.  Don’t Get Eated is a social game with amazing art about a bunch of farm animals trying to survive life away from home.  Each round, players must play cards simultaneously to beat challenges, but it’s every animal for themselves at the end of the day.

Club Zen looks like a really neat twist on worker placement.  Instead of hedging each other out, Club Zen encourages players to visit locations together as they try to plan and enjoy the most zen vacation possible.  The art here is another winner, and the gameplay sounds downright intriguing.


…Is that it?  Can I put my wallet away?

…Ok.  You’re safe, little buddy.  For now…

So that’s my list.  How about you lovelies?  Excited to back anything at the moment?  Are there projects you know are upcoming that I should brace myself for?  Disagree vehemently with some of my choices and want to explain it to me in excruciating, well-articulated detail?  Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Kickstarters I’m Backing – 1/19/2016

  • January 21, 2016 at 10:55 am

    I’m backing Dirigible Disaster too. Interesting real time game with a cool audio timer

    • January 21, 2016 at 4:21 pm

      I don’t know. Real-time sort of gives me a rash.


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