Matt Leacock’s New Game, Knit Wit, Coming Soon!

jessm Jess: I really enjoy a good game of Pandemic. The rising feeling of panic, those last moments between winning and total annihilation, and the triumph you feel at eradicating a virus, all add up to a fantastic, if stressful game. When I heard that Pandemic designer Matt Leacock was working on a new game, I couldn’t help but fantasize about a heart pounding, edge of your seat adventure. But never in my wildest dreams did I suspect he would tackle the most dangerous activity of all time…


andysm Andrew: Wait, what? Did you say knitting?

jessm Jess: You heard me. Just look at those needles and tell me you are not intimidated!
Guinness_World_Record_Knitting_NeedlesImage credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matt Leacock’s new game, Knit Wit, is coming out in March. In this party game, 2-8 players, using loops and spools, must match categories. If you are super quick you can earn yourself some bonus button points! What does it all mean? We have no idea. Z-Man has not released much information about the game yet, but Z-Man says they will be releasing the rules for Knit Wit next week. Until then you can wet your appetite with this teaser video.

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