Send You Henchmen to Back the Thief’s Market Kickstarter!

Dave Chalker, designer of Heat, one of our favorite quick-play card games, and Tasty Minstrel Games (Harbour, Bomb Squad),  has designed a whole new game to satiate your thieving needs: Thief’s Market!


Imagine this: You and your compatriots in crime have just pulled off a big heist. You need to split up the loot, but everyone is eyeing everyone else’s goods. Thus begins the great enthievening as all of our master thieves must decide between taking from the middle or stealing from their opponents.

jessm Jess: You’ll be rolling custom dice to determine the round’s loot pile. I just know that Andrew will be jumping up and down to get a copy of this one!


The game also features the colorful and fun work of Rob Lundy who has also contributed to games such as Cthulhu Realms, Bomb Squad, and Dead Drop.

thiefsmarket1jessm Jess: I absolutely loved Lundy’s work on Cthulhu Realms. He packs so much humor in these tiny images. I can’t wait to see what Thief’s Market looks like.

The game is being kickstarted by Tasty Minstrel Games. For a pledge of $17 you can become an early supporter! (Available through Thursday 1/28 10:00PM MST) and get one copy of Thief’s Market, including all stretch goals, AND a pack of Mayday Sleeves for your game. The game is expected to ship this July so you don’t even have to wait very long.

Sneak on over to the Thief’s Market Kickstarter to pledge today!

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