Let’s Get Tipsy With the Vinhos Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter!

Gryphon and Eagle Games and Vital Lacerda, creator of The Gallerist, CO2, and Kanban: Automotive Revolution, are Kickstarting the new Vinhos Deluxe Edition! In this strategic wine making game for 1 to 4 players, you’ll be building up your business, hiring workers, expanding your vineyards, gaining renown over the course of 6 years.


This edition includes all the fun of the original game with the new Special Vintage 2016 version. It also comes with double-sided player boards that can be used in both game versions, a new estate, worker (The Farmer), and a 9th region have been added, the Fair has new mechanics, 18 actions tiles that replace the manager’s actions, 22 multiplier tiles for scoring, and there are new solo rules! They’ve also optimized a few other things, like removing the bank action, so that the game will now play more smoothly. It also has completely new art from Ian O’Toole (The Gallerist, Nemo’s War, Fools Gold).

jessm Jess: The art for this game is a lot brighter and more friendly now and I know Rob will be excited to hear there are new solo rules! This sounds like a great upgrade to the classic version (of course, if you prefer the classic game, that’s right in the box as well!).

The stretch goals add a number of things like weather, experts, wine bottle meeples, and a fancy meeple wine rack to store your bottles in.

During the Kickstarter, the base game will be offered for $59 or $79 if you want all the stretch goals added in. This is the lowest price you can get it for since the MSRP $79.99 for the base set so pledging is a great way to pick up the game. If you pledge you can also get add-ons of The Gallerist, Empires: Age of Discovery, and Railways of the World with Railways of Europe. You can check out the Vinhos kickstarter page and pledge here!


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