Explore the Betentacled Mythos Tales on Kickstarter Now!

8th Summit Games, makers of Till Dawn and Run, Fight, or Die, are Kickstarting a new storytelling game, set in H. P. Lovecraft’s world of Cthululian horror, called  Mythos Tales.

1-8 players will take on the roles of investigators exploring the streets of Arkham looking for clue to solve disturbing mysteries. Interestingly, the game can either be competitive, as players see who can solve their case first, or they can work together against Miskatonic University’s librarian, Dr. Henry Armitage. The game includes 8 mysteries to investigate, but the Kickstarter also offers an extra stretch goal to unlock. The mysteries have appropriately creepy names like “A Grain of Evil” or “The Faceless Expedition”.

mythos tales 2

jessm Jess: For me, the exciting thing about this game is the story book. I love games, like Above and Below or Arabian Nights, that tell tall tales and give you a variety of encounters. In Mythos Tales you choose locations on a huge map of Arkham and discover what nefarious things happened there. I do worry about replayability with games like this though. Once you know how the mystery goes it might lose its appeal.

For $40, you will get 1 copy of the Kickstarter Hardback edition of Mythos Tales plus the unlocked stretch goals. Backers will also be able to pick up 8th Summit’s other titles for a discount.
Head on over to the Mythos Tales Kickstarter for more details!

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