4 New Games from Looney Labs

Looney Labs, the kooky company run by real rocket scientists, have 4 exciting games coming out in the next few months.



Uglydoll Loonacy

Coming out March 11, Uglydoll Loonacy
is a card game where you will race other
players to get rid of all of your cards by
matching images. You’ll need quick hands
and eyes like a hawk to win this card game.






Mad Libs: The Game

Following right behind, Mad Libs: The Game
is being released March 31st. Just like the
Mad Libs word games of old you’ll need to
complete sentences by playing word cards.
The funniest sentence wins the round.
Win three rounds and you’ll be declared the
funniest Mad Libber of all!




Firefly Fluxx

jessm Jess: Ok, can I just say I am totally stoked for this?
Firefly Fluxx will be available March 18th for all you
Browncoats out there! This Fluxx game will have lots of
new Keepers, Goals, Creepers, and all the Firefly
space-western stuff you love.


looney4 Pyramid Arcade
Last up, Pyramid Arcade is Kickstarting this April
with a store release date of November 2016. In
Pyramid Arcade you’ll get enough components
(pyramids, boards, dice, cards) to play over 22 games!
It includes games like IceDice, Treehouse, Volcano, and WW5, Petri Dish and Color Wheel. It’s like a library of fun that fits in your backpack!

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