Don’t Let the Lions Eat Us! Donate to Our Run For the Wild Charity!

The Gameosity Girls are back in action; saving wildlife and running like champs! Every year the Bronx Zoo hosts the WCS Run for the Wild (RFTW). The money we raise will help fund World Conservation Society’s work to save wildlife around the globe and protect their habitats. Last year we raised $670, but we would love to out do ourselves.

jessm Jess: I have been doing RFTW for four years now and Diana started joining me for the past few runs. She has been doing marathon training so I kinda expect I’ll be eating her dust. I am not a fast runner. I am not a long distance runner. Most years I don’t train until the last minute, but every time I step out onto that course, I see the swell of the crowd and I remember how much all of this matters. The course runs through the Bronx zoo and throughout my entire run, the animals that live there accompany me. I marvel at their beauty, grace, and power as I push myself to make it through that last mile. Nothing quite feels like those last few strides to the finish line. It is an amazing experience and you can help me make it count even more.

That lion looks hungry.
This lion says donate today…or else. Om nom nom nom nom.

With your support, we hope to raise our target of $1000. Even $10 would make a big difference! Please donate to the Run for The Wild. You’ll have our thanks and a shout out on our page and twitter. The RFTW takes place on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 (just a little after my Birthday! Birthday donations are welcome). Donate to me here and Donate to Diana here. Make sure to add a personal note with the #Gameosity, so we know you are a fan.

Thanks to all of you that help make this possible every year!

Thanks everyone!
Thanks everyone!

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