Sling Some Shots in Saloon Tycoon! Now on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for Saloon Tycoon, by Van Ryder Games, has only been live for 4 days and has already blown their goal out of the water. In this 2-4 player tile laying game, you are pioneers looking to make their fortune by building the best saloon in town!

The game has a super cool mechanic where you literally build your saloon from the ground up. Every turn you will earn your income in gold based on the number of tiles in your Saloon. Then you can either play a Tycoon Card to get some more gold or action or you can build by placing new tiles on top of your saloon.

jessm Jess: I think this is a pretty great way to make larger structures in a game without taking up a huge table space. It also looks really cool. you just have to make sure there are no cats in the vicinity while playing or Saloon Town might end up devastated by a catnado.

Image Credit: Catfurnado/Fetch Screen Entertainment

There are plenty of exciting rooms to add to your establishment, including a billiards room, jail, luxury suite, and whiskey still. The game will come with over 50 rooms and the stretch goals will add even more!

Each player will have some secret objectives as well as common objectives. These will get you extra points for completing particular tiles or having certain characters come to your saloon. You can check out the rest of the rules for Saloon Tycoon here.

If you pledge $40 or more you get one copy of Saloon Tycoon and all unlocked stretch goals, but for $70 there is the Saloon Tycoon Deluxe Edition! It comes with with real fool’s gold nuggets (the gold resource in the game) that come in a special burlap drawstring bag and 2 exclusive boards to hold the general pool of nuggets and supply cubes. Mosey on over to the Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter today to stake your claim!

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