Yokai Battle Returns to Kickstarter!

Last October, French publisher Moe Blaze started a Kickstarter project for Yokai Battle. Sadly, it didn’t get funded, but the creatiors didn’t let it get them down. They have re-worked a few things and are back in action on Kickstarter! With 12 days left to go on their campaign, they have already surpassed their goal and are now unlocking stretch goals. Yokai Battle is a  tactical, area-control card game for 2-4 players based on Japanese folklore. The game is designed to be easy to learn while still providing challenging gameplay. You’ll be conquering terrain cards and fighting other players with monsters. Click here to check out the full rules.


jessm Jess: Yokai Battle looks like fun, but the art for this game is what first caught my attention. It is gorgeous! Look at these cards!


The game is also reasonably priced. For a pledge of €22 or more (About $25 USD) you can get the EARLY BIRD package! It comes with 1 copy of Yokai Battle, 1 copy of the action cards expansion, and all the unlocked stretch goals. There is also a super-backer package for around $339 which puts an illustration of you or your pet as a Japanese ghost in the game! You’ll also receive a digital copy of the high-res artwork and an exclusive drawing in your art book. There are only 2 of these backer levels left, so get cracking on it if you want to be IN THE GAME!

Head on over to the Yokai Battle Kickstarter to pledge now!

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