Rattle Battle Grab The Loot Review

Today Gameosity reviews Rattle Battle: Grab The Loot from Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Games.  For 2-5 players (though probably best with 3 or 4), this dice-dropping, loot-snagging, rum-guzzler of a game is light, quirky, and beautifully produced.

andysmAndrew:  Not that pirates are even cool.

jessmJess:  So you’re sticking to that line, eh?

andysmAndrew:  Uh, yeah, why?

jessmJess:  Well, I think we need to talk, then…

We had a good time with Rattle Battle, and we recommend it for anyone who can appreciate its unique gameplay and quirky, gorgeous presentation!  And if you love the game, then you should definitely consider the Broken Token insert featured in our video – Rattle Battle has a lot of little components, and the BT solution is top notch.

(Thanks to Portal Games and Broken Token for providing us with our copies for review!  Our opinions weren’t affected by their generosity)

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