The Worker Placement Challenge

Do you dream about designing games? Do you doodle meeples on napkins and develop game economies in the shower? Then you should check out Letiman Games and The Game Crafter’s Worker Placement Challenge!


Using the materials available on the Game Crafter website, you must design a worker placement game. All entries will be judged by Dan Letzring of Letiman Games and designer of Dino Dude Ranch.

The winner gets considered for publication by Letiman Games, an automatic Showcase status on, 100,000 crafter points and $50 of shop credit, as well as copies of Dino Dude Ranch and Dirigible Disaster, and induction into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame!

There are some requirements for entry:

  • Your game must implement the mechanic: Worker Placement.
  • Your game must come housed in either a Small Pro or Medium Pro Box.
  • Your game must not exceed 60 minutes in gameplay.
  • The cost of your game cannot exceed $34.99.
  • A rules document must be downloadable from your game’s shop page and also included in the game itself. Can be in booklet or document form.
  • The game must be publish ready, meaning it has a logo, backdrop, shop ad, action shots, description, and cool factors. It must also have all images proofed, and have packaging.
  • This must be a new game created for this contest. It cannot have existed on TGC prior to the contest.
  • All artwork must be your own, commissioned by you, licensed to you, or in the public domain.

If you have an exciting idea for a worker placement game then you had better visit the Worker Placement Challenge contest page and start building your game now as all entries must be submitted through TGC’s game editor┬áno later than Noon UTC on May 30, 2016!

Image Credits: The Game Crafter

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