Cats Have Run Amok on Kickstarter in the Catsass Board Game!

Comics and board games are becoming fast friends with titles like Simon’s Cat card game and Joking Hazard from Cyanide And Happiness. The latest addition to the boardomic game craze is the Make a Mess: board game, by Eclosion Games. Inspired by the comic Catsass, Make a Mess is currently on Kickstarter from March 6th until April 3rd.

The game is for 2-6 players and in it you play cats trying to wreck the house as much as possible before your human parents catch you. Using prank cards, cats will move around their home destroying furniture, toilet papering bathrooms, and pushing fragile things off shelves. The humans will move to different rooms according to the die. If they enter a room a naughty cat is in, that cat gets eliminated. If you manage to play all of your prank cards or end up being the last cat standing, you win!


There are two different versions of the game: The Holy Cat ed., which is safe for young kittens 7 and up, and The Bite Me B**** ed, which is geared towards adult cats. There are also collectors versions which come with a poster and digital art packs. The Holy Cat ed. is around $25 while the BMB ed. is around $29. Both editions come with their core game plus all stretch goals.

jessm Jess: The game looks really simple and quick (I mean super quick. Like, 12 minutes quick), so it will be an easy filler for cats and their human families. If you are looking for something to play in between games, this might be a fun one to pick up. Head on over to the Make a Mess Kickstarter to learn more!



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