Indie Boards and Cards’ Grifters Now on Kickstarter!

Designers Jake Tlapek and David Fulton have teamed up with Indie Boards and Cards to bring Grifters to Kickstarter. No I’m not saying you are about to get conned. Grifters is hand-building game where players become the head of their own criminal organization. They will need to build their power by recruiting specialists and stealing as much money as they can. you’ll be robbing the corrupt government, big corporations, and rival organizations.

jessm Jess: Kind of like Robin Hood without the giving to the poor part.


Grifters uses an unique mechanic for hand management. Instead of a deck builder where you draw and play a hand of cards, in Grifters all of your specialists are already in your hand (thus, hand-building instead of deck-building). You start with 6 specialist cards and as you play them, they go into your hideout on night one. As more are played into the hideout, the specialists already there advance to night two and finally night three.

When they hit the last night, the specialist refreshes and returns to your hand at the end of your turn. You can always add more specialists from the hiring pool, but you never have to guess what your hand will look like because there is no draw pile. You are either holding your team or playing them; nice an simple.


jessm Jess: I like how your hand circulates, but there is no mystery. It means that you can really build your strategy. Careful planning and good hiring practices can net you a tidy profit and keeps your hand empty of trash cards.

grifters 4

This carnival of criminals ends when the bank is emptied, all the specialists have been taken, or there are no more jobs to complete. If you have collected the most ill-gotten gains, you win!

For a pledge of $25 or more you get one copy ofGrifters with all the stretch goals. You can also add-on plenty of Indie Boards and Cards games like Coup or Roar-a-Saurus.

Head on over to the Grifters Kickstarter to pledge now. If you plan on going to Gen-Con or Essen you do not have to pldge to the Kickstarter. Instead go to:

The GenCon email list here:
The Essen email list here:


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