It’s International Women’s Day! Let’s Celebrate These Female Game Designers!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today is a day to celebrate the wonderful ladies in our lives. We love playing games here at Gameosity and many of them were designed and illustrated by women. They often don’t get as much press as their male counterparts, but we want to celebrate their awesome work! We couldn’t mention everyone, but here are a few awesome ladies in the gaming industry.

Stephanie Palermo
Image Credit: @tigresaa/Twitter
First up is the designer of one of our favorite card games about birds: Flocks & Flyways! Stephanie Palermo started out working in the video game industry and has now formed her board game company, Shark & Shark Games, alongside her friend Matthew Hickman. Flocks & Flyways was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Fireside Games
Anne-Marie De Witt is not only the CEO of Fireside Games, but also the designer of games like Bears!, Bloodsuckers, Munchkin Panic, and the Village Crone.

Miranda Evarts
Miranda Evarts is probably the youngest female game designer out there. She came up with the game Sleeping Queens when she was only 6 years old! She was inspired by one night when she couldn’t fall asleep. With the help from her family, she created a board game about trying to wake up a bunch of sleepy royals.

Kristin Looney
Image Credit: Looney Labs
Kristin Looney is the Business Czar of Looney Labs. While she is the primary founder and president of the company, she is also a badass rocket scientist! Kristin worked for NASA as an Electronics Engineer and as the Manager of IT for TSI-TelSys. This lady knows her stuff! She designed the game Blockade as well as Caldera, Playing with Pyramids, and Fluxx.
Susan Van Camp
Image Credit:


Susan Van Camp is easy to spot at conventions  in her stylish red suits. She is the Co-designer of Dragon Storm, a collectible card game, and an illustrator for Magic: the Gathering. She began her gaming career by working on Steve Jackson’s Car Wars series and moved on to comic books and art for roleplaying games.

Marie Cardouat
Image Credit:
 You might recognize Marie Cardouat artist for her illustration work for Dixit,  Abraca…what?…and then, we held hands. Her art is as lovely as it is whimsical!

Give these ladies a hand! There are plenty of other female board game designers out there and as board gaming becomes ever more popular I hope to see more gal gamers pick up the drafting pen. Take some time today to play a game with some of the women in your life and enjoy this very awesome International Women’s Day.

Who are your favorite female designers/illustrators/famous gamers?  Do you know of any programs directed towards getting more females into board game design? Let us know in the comments below!

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