New Collectible COIN Game: Ultra Coins on Kickstarter Now

Yes, you heard me, forget the cards. Ultra Coins is a collectible coin game. Made of solid brass and 2 inches in diameter, these coins can be used to battle against your opponent by spinning. The coins have a small nub on the backside which make it easier to spin.


To find out what your attack strength is, you will stop the coin with your finger. Since the entire game is comprised of the coins, you can play anywhere with a flat surface; no board, no dice, nothing else is needed. The recommended player count is 2-8 players and you can play one coin vs. one or pit entire armies of coins against each other. You can take a peek at the official rules here.

jessm Jess: I do expect that if you collect every coin and decide to bring them along with you they are going to get a bit heavy. Otherwise I think this is an interesting idea. The prototypes look nice although they do not include the special abilities that will be printed on the actual coins.

Art for actual coins
Art for actual coins










For $24 you can get a sample pack of Sample Pack three random Ultra Coins or for $36 you can pledge for either army. However, if you pledge $49 you get a discount on the price and the complete set of twelve coins. The designer, J.M. Ward, says that he will be releasing more designs as the Kickstarter progresses and welcomes suggestions for new characters.

Head on over to the Ultra Coins Kickstarter to grab a set now!

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