Saloon Tycoon is in Its Last 35 Hours!

Saloon Tycoon, the game by Van Ryder Games where you build a wild west (emphasis on the wild) saloon, is ticking down the hours til its Kickstarter ends.

The game has completely blown away its goal of $20,000 by raising $75,839 and they have unlocked an awesome amount of stretch goals. People who pledge will now get nicer linen finish cards, acrylic gold nuggets to replace the cardboard counters, thicker tiles, larger character cards, and a few mini expansions:

The Underground: Which gives you a cellar and a vault
The Outskirts: Where you get an outhouse and garden
The Community: Includes the Chapel and Library
The Scorpion Farm: Which gives you the scorpion farm and Calamity Sam character
The Rooftops: Gives you more options on roofing

All mini expansions will NOT be included in the retail version of the game, so you had better pledge to the Kickstarter if you want to get in on these exclusive tiles!

jessm Jess: I’m a sucker for building games and with the unique 3D element of building upwards, this game has a lot  going on to get excited about. Head on over to the Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter and lasso yourself a copy now before it is too late!


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