Want delivery beyond the Thunderdome? Check Out Wasteland Express Delivery Service!

Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback ((Fleet, Morocco) are some staple names around the Gameosity office, so we are super exited to see they have teamed up with another of our favorites Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter). By their powers combined, they have created the Wasteland Express Delivery Service game!


The game is a post-apocalyptic, mayhem riddled, scenario driven game about the badass truckers that deliver food, water, and guns to the sparse settlements of the wasteland.

jessm Jess: They will battle raiders and work towards impressing one of the three factions that rule the world: the New Republic Army (a bit fascist in their bid to dominate everyone), the Oracles of Ceres (who worship the land like gods), and, my favorite, the Archivists (preservers of knowledge and a tiny bit obsessed with the old world).

As I mentioned before, the game is played in scenarios. You’ll get 10 episodes to play through; each having a kick-ass comic book introduction. Everything is gorgeously illustrated by award winning comic artist, Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ, Batman Black and White).

If you feel up to something different you can play a randomly generated scenario, making the game playable beyond just the story line games.

jessm Jess: This game really sounds like something out of the Mad Max universe. I can’t wait to learn more about it! I’m going to need to invest in more barbed wire…

Pandasaurus said “This is the first game that has ever rattled Team Pandasaurus. When we first heard the pitch, we were sold. Then Riccardo turned it into this almost unwieldy beast that pushes the limits in pretty much every imaginable way. It’s beautiful and grotesque at the same time. We are completely in love, and know gamers will be too.”


Wasteland Express Delivery Service is rolling our way sometime this year, so grab your trucker hats and prepare for an epic road trip like you’ve never had before!

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