A Raxxon Reveal and The Long Night PRE-ORDER is Here!

Do you have insomnia, depression, a few extra pounds that you are trying to shed, or any other medical issues? Zomoxtrin promises you sweet release from these bodily concerns. Too bad it was urgently recalled after some slightly zombifiying issues.

Did Zomoxtrin cause the zombie outbreak of 2013? Could this hell of man-eating monsters have been averted? Ace reporter Jess has unearthed some revealing evidence that points to: yes.

jessm Jess: One of my sources has supplied me with emails and other documents from Raxxon Inc., makers of Zomoxtrin, that show that not only was Raxxon aware of the direct link to the zombie outbreak, but one of the Raxxon scientists had actually developed a cure!

Unfortunately the company attempted to cover it up and now we are left to desperately search for Dr. Struthers’ cure. Unfortunately, after providing me with this intel, my contact had to go under cover inside of Raxxon. If anyone out there has any more information, please contact us.  You can start you research where my contact left off at: myraxxon.com. It is imperative that we recover the cure before all humanity is lost to the plague of undead hunger!


In other important news, pre-orders for The Long Night are now open. This is an expansion to Dead of Winter, one of our favorite hidden traitor games. The expansion comes with a new colony, raiders, colony improvements, the mystery behind Raxxon and their monstrous mutants, 2 new story scenarios, and of course new characters, objectives, and crossroads cards! The Long Night is a standalone game, but if you are looking to play a mega-epic game of Dead of Winter, you can combine both games!

During the pre-order, Dead of Winter: The Long Night will be 20% off the retail price. You’ll also get the exclusive Rich Sommer character, cardboard standee, and crossroads card.



So head on over to Plaid Hat Games today to pre-order you own copy of Dead of Winter: The Long Night!


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