Grill Your Way to Victory With Yakitori

Yakitori, a deicious street food from Japan or a delightfully designed game on Kickstarter? Why not both?

Yakitori, by Daft Concepts, is a dice game for 2-5 players. Each player will roll three dice and assign them to four different actions: Go to Market, Influence Customers, Cook Food, and Return to Market. The actions will lead you to buy raw ingredients and combine them to create delicious skewers of food. Whichever chef racks up the most sales wins!


jessm Jess: I hadn’t head of Daft Concepts before, but having seen this game, I checked out their Etsy store. They make a lot of cool laser cut game boards and pieces! Check out this deluxe Forbidden Island game board. forbidden
The pieces for Yakitori look just as cool. Sure $59 is a lot to drop on a smaller game like this, but considering it takes the company over 2 hours to laser cut an assemble just 1 copy, you are getting something special. Hand crafted wooden games are as unique as they are fun to play.

For your pledge of $59 you’ll get 1 copy of Yakitori, plus all unlocked stretch goal rewards. If you live in the Salt Lake City, UT area or are headed to BGG Con you can get a bit of a discount by picking up the game from Daft Concepts. Get your own copy on the Yakitori Kickstarter page now!


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