Let Your Temple Ascend to The Heavens in Santorini, On Kickstarter Now!

The gorgeous isle of Santorini needs some help building temples. Help from the gods, that is.

In this 2-3 player tile placement style game, by Roxley Games, you and your friends will take on the roles of Greek gods. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build an amazing temple and guide your follower to the top. Each turn you will move your builder and construct a level of the temple adjacent to them. If your builder moves to the third level of the temple, you win! As everyone is helping build the temple, you will have to be careful in your strategy, as each placement could potentially help your opponent, too.


There are multiple gods to choose from and each has their own powers, such as Pan’s ability to win by jumping down two levels or Artemis’ ability to move two spaces before building.


jessm Jess: The game comes with some fantastic looking components and I love that the building aspect is physical. You are actually placing pieces that construct a tiny temple. Very cool! The fact that it is for ages 8 and up means it should be a good family game as well.

You can get a copy of Santorini for a pledge of $65 plus shipping. The Kickstarter copy will come with all stretch goals, which means extra builders, more gods, and female builder options. I’m a little disappointed that the female builder in not part of the base game to begin with, but I’m hoping that has to do with pricing for molds than ladies not getting represented. Head on over to the Santorini Kickstarter to pledge now!


Images Credit: Roxley Games

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