Here Kitty, Kitty! Review

Start channeling your inner cat lady, because Here Kitty, Kitty!, by Fireside Games (Village Crone), is a kitten collecting frenzy of quick playing fun. The game lets 3 to 6 players vie for control of the large population of neighborhood cats. You’ll need to use some clever tactics to lure these fussy felines in to domestic bliss before your fellow players manage to get the lion’s share of cuddly little kitties!
Here Kitty Kitty boxandysm Andrew: Isn’t this game hitting a little close to home? I feel like any minute now I’m going to turn around and find another cat stashed somewhere in the office.

jessm  Jess: Um…we don’t know what you are talking about. *Whispering*Hide the kitten.

dianasm Diana: I stuck him behind Mice & Mystics. That should keep him busy for the moment. 

andysm Andrew: What are you two whispering about?

jessm dianasm  Jess& Diana: NOTHING!


Each player gets a home board which consists of three areas: The Yard, Porch, and House. At the end of the game, you get points for each cat depending on what part of your home they are residing on. Yard cats net you 0 points sadly, but porch cats get you 3 points per cat and house cats get you 5 per cat.


You’ll also get bonus points for sets of cats, so those yard cats are not entirely worthless (I mean, no kitty is ever worthless.  Just look at those faces!). You  start with a hand of 3 cards which will let you take actions like steal cats from your neighbors, adopt cats, defend your cats, or move cats around your property. On your turn you get 2 actions. You can use these actions to play a card or move a cat one space.  Additionally, there are even cards that let you upgrade your house to make it easier for you to keep kittens or protect yours from being snatched up by other would-be cat collectors.


jessm Jess: The game is fast, fun, and light, with a good dose of silliness thrown in. Each card has hysterical illustrations that really bring the game to life. I can’t help but crack up whenever I see the cat burglar card. I just want to yell “Yoink! I jacked your cat!”.

dianasm Diana: You do yell that!  And I’m going to counter that with a Cat Nap card, by the way.  My kitty is going nowhere.

jessmJess:  Rats!

kittenCat:  Mew?

andysmAndrew:  Guys, what was that noise just now?

jessm dianasm  Jess& Diana: NOTHING!

Seriously, though, the cards are really funny, but the best part of this game is the bag of cats. Most games would give you tokens to use, but in Here Kitty, Kitty! you get 40 cat minis to collect in a variety of poses.

This is a great family game or to give as a present for your favorite cat lover.  It is absolutely a light, fillery game, but honestly, it’s a card game about collecting adorable cats – we all know precisely why you’re here.  It’s the same reason we’re here!  Kitties!

kitten Kitten: Mew!

andysm Andrew: Ladies, seriously, why is my copy of Mice & Mystics mewing?

jessmJess:  Uh…New expansion pack?

Thanks to Fireside Games for sending us our copy of Here Kitty Kitty to review.

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