Pack the Car! Cow Tiger Santa Claus is On Kickstarter!

The Gameosity team has to travel a lot, but we hate being without our board games. Luckily our friends Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle have created a great little game that fits in a glove box for easy portability. What’s it called? Cow Tiger Santa Claus!

The game plays a lot like “I Spy”, the traditional go-to road trip game for frustrated parents and bored children, but with a sense of humor and design that make it far superior.  Cow Tiger Santa Claus includes 15 item cards of three categories (Cow-easy, Tiger-medium, Santa Claus-hard). You pull a card and then all players must keep their eyes peeled for the item. It could be anything from a Red barn to bleachers to a clown, so you’ll need an eagle eye to spot your target.



The game comes in a small vinyl wallet, making it easy to toss in a pocket on your way out. It is also the 11th Button Shy Wallet Game, which means you can up your pledge level to get another game from the Button Shy collection which includes Avignon: A Clash of Popes, Cunning Folk, Smoke & Mirrors, Ninja: Silent But Deadly, Pickpockets or a second copy of Cow Tiger Santa Claus!


jessasm Jess: Cow Tiger Santa Claus is only $8.00 on Kickstarter or $17 if you want to add on a 2nd game. Ben and Matt haven’t reveled what the stretch goals will be yet, but I am betting on extra cards for extra fun! You can check out the game and pledge for your own copy on the Cow Tiger Santa Claus Kickstarter.

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