Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion Now Sliding into Kickstarter!

Now batting: Dice Hate Me Games. There’s the pitch…it’s a home run!


jessasm Jess: Ok yeah, I might be a fan, but seriously guy this is exciting! Bottom of the 9th is a great two player game designed by Darrell Louder and Mike Mullins. It really reminds me of when I was a little kid and collected hundreds of baseball cards. There was nothing like trying to chew that stale, sharp gum that came with every pack…but I digress.

The Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion adds a ton of new players as well as tournament rules, additional managers and support staff, and new Equipment cards! You’ll get a budget for your team so you can buy jerseys, bats, or upgrade your clubhouse. There are also new powers to add to your line up making the game much more in depth and exciting. You can see more in the gallery below.

The Expansion will come with 20 New Player Cards, full-color front and one-color back, in a foil-wrapped pack
25 mini-Euro sized Equipment Cards, 1 Reference Card, 2 Component Storage/Dice Cups, 14 punchboard Peanut Tokens, and a revised full-color rulebook. You will also get a copy of the Season 2 Promo pack which nets you 4 New Players and 2 New Equipment Cards with the possibility of more through the stretch goals.


The box is coming in a new size that Dice Hat Me is calling the “Chunky Monkey“. It is that same size as the original Bottom of the 9th box, just taller. It will be able to store all the previous cards, the expansion cards, as well as space for the dice cups!bottom9th3

You can get a copy of Bottom of the 9th Clubhouse Expansion plus the Season 2 Promo Pack for a pledge of $19 or more. Dice Hate Me has set the estimated delivery date for Feb 2017 so we can get playing early next year. For $30 you can add-on the Bottom of the 9th playmat.

jessasm Jess: The original Bottom of the 9th was really well designed and fun to play. If you like baseball or are looking for a two player game to enjoy, go take a look at their Kickstarter page.

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