Starving Artists Kickstarter Preview

Starving Artists from Fairway 3 Games, is a resource management/set collection game with a seriously artistic flair, up on Kickstarter right now! Thankfully requiring no actual artistic talent, Starving Artists lets 1-4 players slip into the second-hand shoes of a talented but decidedly malnourished painter.  Using paint as currency, who among you will stave off your grumbling stomach long enough to earn the recognition you so richly deserve?  Check out our video and find out!

(Standard Kickstarter prototype warning: This isn’t the final version of the game, but it looks damn good already!)

Starving Artists is a good lightweight set collection game.  The turns tend to be really quick, while the game overall feels a little ‘thinkier’ than perhaps it has any right to be due to limited actions and limited resources.  With a good dash of luck thrown in (thanks to those blind draws from the paint bag), Starving Artists plays really well for a game of its weight-class, and it is, quite appropriately, a very pretty game, too.  It even features a solitaire mode for artists who are both starving and lonely, working well at any player count.

We think Starving Artists is a great little game and is entirely worth checking out!

Check out the Starving Artists Kickstarter here!

Starving Artists 2

Starving Artists 3

(Thanks to Fairway 3 Games for getting us our Kickstarter preview copy of Starving Artists.  Never starved for opinions, we weren’t influenced by their generosity.)

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