The Dresden Files Card Game is making Magic on Kickstarter

jessasmJess: Here’s a secret: I am a huge Dresden Files fan. If you have never read the Dresden Files books and love urban fantasy I recommend you go read them now. I’ll wait.


jessasmJess:  Done? Good. I heart Jim Butcher’s books all over the place. So I am really stoked that The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (DFCO), by Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions, is kicking ass on Kickstarter! The project only launched today and it has already raised $63,767 of the $48,000 goal. The game looks awesome, so it is great to know it is going to smash through its stretch goals in no time. I’m hoping for Mouse as a playable character.

In DFCO the players will get to take on the roles of Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas. You’ll be cooperating to solve scenarios based on the stories in the first 5 Dresden Files books. The game will also include a random scenario generator based on the short story Side Jobs. The game is designed to be enjoyable for fans and Dresden Newbies alike, but the more you know about the books, the more in-jokes you will get.

The game is illustrated Tyler Walpole and housed in a box with awesome cover art by Chris McGrath, the artist who did the cover art for the Dresden Files series.


jessasmJess: For a pledge of $39 or more you’ll get 1 copy of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, stretch goals, and access to exclusive digital previews of the game (including a PDF of the core game’s cards). I’m going to cast duo et unum to follow this Kickstarter, but if you want to know more, do it the easy way. Head on over to The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Kickstarter page now!


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