Dear Leader Preview

jessasm Jess: Supreme Glorious Leader Jess has declared that we preview Dear Leader!

andrewasmAndrew: Why are you talking like that?  In the third person and all strangely dictatorial?

jessasm Jess: You have displeased me! Back to the kitten farms with you!

Dear Leader is a party game designed by Tim Hutchings. Each round, one player is designated our Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un, Supreme Dictator and Hero To All People, and the rest of the players will take on the role of said leader’s overwrought advisers.  Each round, an adviser will read a card that proposes a problem the country is facing. The advisers must propose solutions to the problem at hand. If the dictator is displeased at any point during the proposals, they may hand out penalties (these can be imaginary demotions to tokens or even unfortunately flavored jelly beans. I voted for the last option.)


In true dictator style, Our Leader will dismiss all proposals by insulting each adviser one at a time. Then the leader will give their own wildly outrageous solution to which all players must applaud! You cannot question the wisdom of Deal Leader. In fact, after receiving Dear Leader’s wisdom, each adviser takes turns praising and exaggerating Kim Jong Un’s idea. This also cannot go un-insulted. After hearing all the well-polished nuggets of praise, the leader will rebut them with a single line of criticism.

We're not kidding; there is actually a 'Clap' phase.
We’re not kidding; there is actually a ‘Clap’ phase.  Woe betide those who do not clap with sufficient joy in their hearts.

Whomever praised the leader the best is awarded the Policy Card (which represents a point) and becomes the next dictator, who will preside over the next policy hearing! You’ll repeat this process until someone gains enough points to win.

andrewasmAndrew: Like many party games, Dear Leader is only as fun as your friends are goofy – it’s really a toolkit for wacky roleplaying. If your group is extremely silly and willing to engage, you will have a riotous good time proposing crazier and crazier solutions and more and more brazen insults (pro-tip: always throw your rival advisers under the bus).  And setting aside any sense of cultural sensitivity, the subject-matter is generally light enough that any group can joke about it.  It’s political satire, sure, but it’s also got the potential to be a really good time with the right group of friends.

jessasm Jess:  My advisers resorted to brain-washing, the mass deportation of Pokemon, and disturbing amounts of pudding in their attempts to provide answers to the crises we were facing. It’s all utter nonsense (not that Utter Nonsense) but in a really fun way. To get the most out of Dear Leader, you just have to embrace the absurd with both hands.  For instance, the people of my country are starving. I decree that we shall wage war on the Mushroom Kingdom until Princess Peach surrenders her fungoid populace to feed my people!

andrewasmAndrew: But the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t even real

jessasm Jess: Do not speak back to your Supreme Glorious Leader! PENALTY! Eat the jelly beans of shame!

While there is no official date, word is Dear Leader is headed to Kickstarter sometime soon. You can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter starts at: Dear Leader.

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