UPDATE! Happy Birthday To YOU! Join Jess’ Annual Birthday Game Raffle!

The winners are here! Congrats to Kellen Freeman, Aaron Graff, Brian Chow, Nathan Runnells, and Lisa Spooner! You guys are getting some fantastic games! Let’s party!


Also everyone who entered sent us some great board game names. Some of my favorites are:
“Traaaaains iiiiiin Spaaaaaace” I had to make a pic for this one.
“Hoarders the game of getting to the bathroom in time.” I really don’t want to know what we are “Hording”…
“Cave Canum: Players control groups of fleas on a dog.” This one was really original and it makes me itchy just thinking about it.
“Goat Hugger: Hug goats, score goat points, win goats!” Cuteness award!
“Find the Foxes” I see someone knows I love foxes.
“Train a Dogcat – you need to train a dogcat hybrid via worker placement” I am so confused.
“Crabby Cakes. You play crabs making cakes underwater for prizes.” I can’t stop thinking about Crab Bakeries now.
“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galatica: The Game, do I need to say more?” Once again I am very confused.
City on Wheels: various items compete for space near the handle in a piece of luggage.” The socks win every damn time.
“Fairy Dumplings: Control the kitchen. Eat all the dumplings.” Now I’m hungry.

And for really topical ones:
“Birthday Cake Topple! See how high you can stack the cake”
“Board Game Birthday – shop for presents for Jess. The best gift wins!”
“Surprise Party – Worker placement game about planning a birthday party.”
“Queen Jess – Worker placement, your peasants toil to fill Queen Jess’ coffers”

For real, all of the entries were awesome. You guys are great! Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday in style!

jessasm Jess: It’s that time of year again… my birthday! And because Gameosity fans are the best and I want to celebrate your awesomeness, I’m giving presents to you!


This year I am giving away 5 Gift packs!

Every winner will receive Bottlecap Vikings, Eminent Domain: Battlecruisters, and Flip City!  Thank you so much to Tasty Minstrel Games for generously donating for our giveaway!

BCV Emdob Flip City

Each winner will also receive a random bonus game!

The always-awesome Thames & Kosmos have provided one copy each of Tumult Royale, Steam Time, and The Rose King.  Our good friends at Daily Magic Games have provided a copy of Valeria: Card Kingdom, as well as its first expansion pack.  And the always understated Hyperbole Games has donated a copy of Hocus for all your wizardly poker needs!

Valeria Tumult Steam rose Capture

So don your party hats, enter our giveaway, and get ready to par-tay!  We’ll announce winners in 1 week!



So incredibly sorry to our international fans!  I don’t have enough birthday money to pay for shipping outside the US. 🙁

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once again, thanks to Thames & Kosmos, Tasty Minstrel Games, Daily Magic Games, and Hyperbole games – you guys are amazing, and I so appreciate you helping to make my birthday giveaway the biggest and best yet!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE! Happy Birthday To YOU! Join Jess’ Annual Birthday Game Raffle!

  • Would it be possible if the winner pays for international shipping?

    • Not for this contest, I’m afraid, but perhaps in the future, we will use that arrangement.


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