PAX East News: Star Crusade CCG Available on Steam Early Access

Star Crusade: War for the Expanse, by ZiMAD Games,  is an digital collectible card game. In this sci-fi themed game you will be playing as 1 of 6 factions, with asymmetrical play styles, warring for control: the Annunaki, the Consortium, the Shan’Ti, the Hierarchy, the Hajir-Gog and the Terrans.

star crusade 3

The game lets you have a variable deck size, letting you choose to have as little as 25 card or go all the way up to 40. While a smaller deck means you can streamline what cards you will pull, be careful; your deck size is also your health pool! The game comes with over 400 playable cards and you’ll be able to complete in daily events for free bonuses to add to your collection.

Star Crusade Cards

There are lost of play modes like head-to-head ranked matches, casual duels, single-player practice, and draft mode and soon ZiMAD will be adding 2v2 cooperative battle modes and social sharing so you can send card packs to friends. The game also offers over 40 “Module” powers like passive bonuses, new powers, and free deployable units. You’ll be able to add up to three to your deck to help customize your game.

Star Crusade game

Star Crusade CCG is available on Steam Early Access right now and will be released for iOS and Android later this year.

Image Credits: ZiMAD Games

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