Quests of Valeria Kickstarter Preview

Quests of Valeria is the latest Kickstarter project from Daily Magic Games and is the third game in the Valeria series (including Valeria: Card Kingdoms, which we love).  In Quests of Valeria, each player takes on the role of a Guild Master who will assemble teams of heroes (and the occasional peasant) to complete quests and earn renown.

Quests of Valeria

With a core game mechanic similar (but absolutely not the same as) Lords of Waterdeep and fantastic artwork, Quests of Valeria is a relatively light game with a lot going for it.  But how does it play, and can it hang with the other games of its pedigree?  Watch our video and find out!

Quests of Valeria is yet another strong showing from Daily Magic Games, bringing together simple, well-refined set collection mechanics, great visuals, accessible gameplay, and a really reasonable price-point into a truly elegant package.  The set collection aspect is fundamental but the chaining mechanic is what really takes this game to a unique, extremely fun level.  Between that and the aesthetics, there isn’t much to not recommend about Quests of Valeria!

We absolutely recommend heading over to the Quests of Valeria Kickstarter page and grabbing yourself a copy!

(Thanks to Daily Magic Games for providing us with our prototype for preview.  Their generosity didn’t influence our opinions.)

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