Tak: A Beautiful Game Kickstarter Preview

The Kingkiller Chronicle, from Patrick Rothfuss, is one of our favorite fantasy series (no, seriously, you should check it out, it’s amazing).  And in amidst the magic and the drama that Kvothe experiences in his journeys through Temerant, Rothfuss makes special mention of Tak, an abstract game which tests the wit of two players, each vying for control over the board.


Well, rejoice fans of games and fantasy alike, because Cheapass Games has worked with Patrick Rothfuss to create Tak: A Beautiful Game and bring it to Kickstarter!  And even more awesomely, we got our hands on a prototype!

jessasmJess:  I love the Kingkiller Chronicle, so I was really excited, and maybe a little nervous, when I saw they were creating a real version of Tak.  But James Earnest of Cheapass did a fantastic job!

andrewasmAndrew:  Absolutely!  The Kickstarter is well past funded with some really cool variations on the game available.  As an abstract game that can be played basically anywhere and learned by basically anyone, I genuinely recommend checking out the Tak Kickstarter now!


(Thanks so much to Cheapass Games for providing us with our prototype for preview.  Our opinion was not influenced by their generosity)

Image Credits: Cheapass Games

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