Apotheca Available in Stores Now!

Knapsack GamesApotheca, the potion brewing game for 1-4 players, kicked some serious butt on Kickstarter; they raised over 500% of their goal. Now, with the help of their co-publisher Renegade Game Studios, the game has made its way on to the shelves of retailers everywhere!

The game looks like a lot of fun. Everyone is playing alchemists trying to get into the Secret Potion Society. Each alchemist is different and has unique abilities which will help them manipulate the potions in the market. You’ll be collecting resources, hiding ingredients, and trying to craft potions to impress the society.

Apotheca board

jessasmJess: This is exciting news for anyone who missed the Kickstarter…like me. Time to head to my local game store!

You can also find a copy on Amazon!


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