Pax East News: Super Dungeon Explore Goes Digital!

The Super Dungeon Explore board game, from Cool Mini or Not and Soda Pop Miniatures is getting the digital treatment! At PAX East, Underbite Games was showing off the latest version of this exciting  turn-based, strategy game, Super Dungeon Tactics, on a old school style arcade machine. Super Dungeon Pax
In Super Dungeon Tactics, you get to create a guild of heroes to combat Dark Consul and the forces of evil. Lead your heroes to victory to save the chibi fantasy world of Crystalia. Along the way you’ll fight monsters, complete side quests, and nab some kickass loot!


Each of your heroes has a unique ability die that changes along with your equipment and gives them special abilities. So as you level up and upgrade your items, your die will allow you to do different things. You can play through main story missions, side quests, and random bounties to level up and gain new items. Each hero’s unique dice will also grant them increased stats, in addition to their abilities.

andrewasmAndrew: Super Dungeon Tactics is a really interesting phenomenon – a digital adaptation of a board game which was itself an analogue homage to old-school digital games.  It’s sort of a game turducken.  But none of that stopped it from being a really neat idea!  The demo we got to play was extremely smooth and had great visuals.  I can’t wait to see more of it!


jessasmJess: I have to admit, I had a hard time getting into the board game. As a video game I think it will do a lot better. The movement is automatically calculated for you and you don’t have to worry about managing the enemies. I think the video game might reinvigorate the board game and hopefully both will benefit from the others influence.

Super Dungeon Tactics is set to release this summer!

Image Credits: Underbite Games

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