LarkLamp at Pax East 2016

jessasmJess: You may have seen me raving about LarkLamp earlier this month, but that was nothing compared to now! At Pax East 2016, I got to sit down with the creator of this innovative light based game system. It’s so much cooler in person! The “console” is a wooden lantern that utilizes heavy paper stock panels to create board games out of light. The designer, Paul Warne, was inspired by laser cut lantern designs and his background in videogames. I actually got to try out the first game designed for it, Snyxtrap and it did not disappoint!

The game is easy to learn, but it shows off how the lantern style game could be used to do really interesting things; Paul is already designing two other games for it. One is based on Alice in Wonderland and uses the raising and lowering of the lantern to adjust the size of the board. The other uses rotation of the lamp to alter the playing field. Check out the video below to hear Paul explain this super cool game system in his own words. You can also get your own LarkLamp by pledging to the Kickstarter today!

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