Back To The Future: An Adventure Through Time Review

Back To The Future: An Adventure Through Time, from Matt Riddle & Ben Pinchback (Fleet, Morocco, Wharfside) and IDW Games (Machi Koro) is a set collection, hand management, role selection game about zipping around the timeline of the iconic films, frantically delivering characters to key moments to ensure that the spacetime continuum stays on track.

So, what did we think?  Check out the video and find out!

In addition to our video, we just wanted to say that we found BTTF:AATT to be a particularly satisfying 2-player experience.  The strategic decisions at higher player counts don’t get tougher, only the likelihood that someone will complete an objective ahead of you and mess with your plans.  So while it is entirely functional at every player count, we enjoyed the minimal chaos of the 2-player experience the most.  Of course, if you’re the type of Biff who likes messing with each other, then the higher player count is for you!

We had a really good time with Back To The Future and the hand management challenge it represented.  There weren’t a ton of moving parts, just enough fiddliness to keep us entertained.

(Thanks to Matt Riddle for getting us our copy of Back To The Future for review. No time travel shenanigans influenced our opinion.)

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