Get A second Opinion with Bad Medicine’s Expansion on Kickstarter!

We’ve got a bad case of the ‘needing some more fun party games’ blues. Thankfully Gil Hova, designer of Bad Medicine and The Networks has us covered. He just released the Kickstarter for Second Opinion, the game’s first big expansion, as well as a reprint of the original!

Bad Medicine is a game where you and your friends are megalithic pharmaceutical companies bent on getting their products to market. Each turn players will need to create names and slogans for new drugs to cure the current Malady. Of course you’ll have to mention your drugs side effect in the small print, but whoever reads those anyway?


You’ll invent your new drug by combining cards. Each card has a part of a name, description of the drug, and those pesky side effects. Add them up and pitch your product to everyone playing. Players will vote on which drug sound like the best cure for the current Malady and that player gets the point and their side effect becomes the new Malady to cure.


The expansion, Second Opinion, will add 100 extra cards and Complications, a new mechanic that makes you draw a random card and use its description in your pitch.

If you get another complication you will add it in as well. This can mean that your pill to cure baldness could suddenly become very complicated to pitch! It will add an extra layer of challenge to a game that gives people with glossophobia the heebie jeebies, but excites players like us!

jessasmJess: Gil has a few stretch goals lined up that add even more cards and a box upgrade. Considering Bad Medicine is a hoot and you can get a copy of Second Opinion for only $19, I don’t know why you are still here. Go to the Bad Medicine Kickstarter and pledge now!

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