Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk Preview

jessasmJess: We were delighted to have a chance to check out Avalon Hill’s upcoming expansion to Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s WalkBetrayal was one of the first hidden traitor games we ever played and we love still love it to this day. In the base game, you and your friends are exploring a creepy mansion. Each player will place tiles and discover bone-chilling locations. You may find items, creepy characters, or horrifying events. Eventually a traitor will appear and the game will turn from exploration to a race to either save the world or bring about death and destruction.
Betrayal is a fantastic game and Widow’s Walk builds on that. The expansion was designed by Betrayal’s original lead developer Mike Selinker and his team at Lone Shark Games, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast.  This is a ‘more of everything’ expansion, bringing 20 new room tiles (including adding a whole fourth level to the house!), 11 items, 11 events, and 8 omens.  That’s a while lot of stuff!
andrewasmAndrew:  More omens means more haunts (the spooky scenarios which make Betrayal such an awesome game).  And Widow’s Walk delivers on that front in a big way; Avalon Hill gathered writers from all over to contribute 50 brand new haunts!  That doubles the scenarios possible in any given game!  You can look forward to being haunted by stories by Max Temkin and Eli Halpern, co-creators of Cards Against Humanity , Pendleton Ward, Emmy Award-winning cartoonist, Mikey Neumann, chief creative champion for Borderlands, Jerry Holkins, co-creator of the Penny Arcade webcomic,  Angela Webber, one half of the nerd pop duo The Doubleclicks, Justin Gary, co-designer of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, and many more. You can see the full list here
PAX Betrayal
jessasmJess: We got to play through one of the scenarios of the new expansion and it was a lot of fun! It had some exciting new features such as dumbwaiters and huge plants that allowed you to move about the mansion easier, which is especially important now that the mansion is 4 stories tall (including that spooky attic!)  Also, there are rooms that will have 1 time use events. Remembering whether or not your have used the event might  get confusing so they have also added new tokens to mark which rooms you have visited.  It’s a nice quality of life improvement!
andrewasmAndrew: Widow’s Walk is scheduled for October 14th, 2016, just in time to invite your friends over for some ghoulish fun on Halloween. You do need the base game to play so if you haven’t bought it yet, you should definitely pick up a copy!

Image Credits: Avalon Hill

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