Tell Some Tall Tales With Plot Twist on Kickstarter!

Do you like to tell stories? Then warm up your imagination, because there is a new storytelling game on Kickstarter right now called Plot Twist!
Created by Darrell M. Stark, Plot Twist can be played by 4-6 players. You’ll be using cards to create stories and then voting on who created the best tale. To begin, one person will act as the “editor” for the round. They will choose a Trope Card, which will be the prompt for the stories.plottwist2

The all players (including the editor) will choose, from their hand of 8 cards, how many they want to include in their story. These cards include action beats, story beats, cliches, random events, and more to add flavor to your epic tale.

Players will narrate their story and then vote on which stories they enjoyed the most. All players get three Story Point cards which they can assign to whichever stories they like.
plottwist4The player who earned the most points wins that round’s Trope Card to add to their hand. A new editor and trope will be chosen and the game continues.

jessasmJess: It’s only been up for about a week and Plot Twist has already raised 34% of its goal. Darrell demoed the game at PAX East and will be showing it off later this month at the Playcrafting NYC Spring Expo, demos in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and perhaps Los Angeles in May.

You can get a copy of Plot Twist for a pledge $25 or more. It comes with featuring 420 Plot Cards, 62 Trope Cards, 18 Story Point Cards! Darrell predicts the game will ship in Oct 2016, but you only have until May 20th to pledge so check out the Plot Twist campaign on Kickstarter and pledge now!

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