Visit the Pastoral and Murderous Town of Salem, Now on Kickstarter!

Town of Salem is a card game based on the titular, free-to-play hidden role, video game by BlankMediaGames. Players take on the roles of villagers in the Town of Salem. These roles are kept secret, so no one really knows who may be friend or foe.

Some villagers are good folk, who just want to get through an evening without dying.


Some villagers are evil; their tiny hearts brimming over with murderous intentions!


As you play the “evil” characters will try to off the good characters every night. The “good” characters will use their powers to try to uncover the identities of the evil players and lynch them. To lynch a character, you will have to put a player on trial. If they fail to convince the town of their innocence, to the gallows they will go! Once all the good or evil characters are killed the remaining side wins!

jessasmJess: The game looks a lot like Ultimate Werewolf, but it has a bunch of different roles that give you a variety of different powers. I find these types of games really require a good group of players who are really willing to engage the game. The more you get into the game the more fun you’ll play with it. The art is also pretty cute.




Town of Salem comes with 40 cards consisting of 11 Town cards, 5  Mafia cards, and 6 Neutral cards. You also get 2 blank cards so you can make your own roles. So far BlankMedia has unlocked a few stretch goals that will add 30 more cards, a new role (the Medium), and a stand alone NSFW pack.

For a pledge of $20 you get one copy of the card game and digital rewards for the online version of the game. If you up your pledge to $35 you also get the NSFW Pack and more digital rewards. You can learn more on the Town of Salem Kickstarter campaign page. You can also play the video game for free on the BlankMedia site, so put on your best “innocent” face and head on down to the Town of Salem!



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