Asmadi Launches One Deck Dungeon On Kickstarter

One Deck Dungeon, by Chris Cieslik of Asmadi Games (Heat), is a quick rolling dungeon delve on Kickstarter now!

Chris designed this cooperative game for 1-2 players, to be a compact version of larger and often unwieldy dungeon delving games. The dungeon deck comes with 44 Encounter cards, 4 Dungeon/Boss cards, 4 Level Up cards, 4 hero cards, and the Stairs and Turn Reference cards. If you get two copies, you can expand the game so it plays up to four players.

You start each turn by spending time (in the form of discarding cards) and then deciding if you will explore or encounter. When you explore, you will place four face-down cards. To encounter you flip one face down card over to deal with what is inside or flip a face-up card over to run away. If you end up fighting a monster, you will use dice to defeat it. Each monster has a series of boxes that you will need to assign dice to. If you cannot fill all of the boxes, whatever is left empty will do you damage.


There are also Perils, which work similarly to monsters. You’ll have to assign dice to overcome the peril, but you get to choose which way you avoid it. If you are a rogue you might choose to dodge, whereas the wizard is probably going to disenchant the hell out of that flame statue.


jessasmJess: We got a chance to play this at PAX and it looked like it had a ton of potential. We had a really tough, short game, but it was good enough that we wanted to see more. My favorite aspect of this Kickstarter, though, is that our main maestro, Beatscribe, has created a soundtrack for One Deck Dungeon! Beatscribe is the awesome musician who created our very own theme song. Each dungeon has its own theme and by backing the Kickstarter you will get a free digital download to original scores! Beatscribe’s work is kickass and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up making more killer tunes for board games in the future.

For a pledge of $20 you get 1 copy of One Deck Dungeon plus all of the unlocked stretch goals.  So head on over and pledge for a copy of the game on the Kickstarter Campaign page!

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