Bad Medicine Review – Just What The Doctor Ordered

Bad Medicine is a party game designed by Gil Hova and published by Formal Ferret Games.  More than just an absolutely scathing takedown of modern medicine, Bad Medicine is a hilarious game for 4-8 players (or 2, with the co-op variant) about being a fast-talking pharma sales rep, pitching why your drug is just the best possible cure for whatever the current (always hilarious, often horrifying) medical crisis facing our great nation.

How does it work?  Glad you asked!  Check out our video and then speak to your medical care provider!

andrewasmAndrew: So we’re pretty big fans of Bad Medicine; it’s fast, light, and hilarious!  It’s just what the doctor ordered for some solid party gaming fun!

But that’s not all!  Right now, Bad Medicine: Second Opinion is live on Kickstarter!  With a whole mess of new cards thrown into the mix, Second Opinion is the perfect booster shot to your Bad Medicine addiction!  Check out Gil’s Kickstarter now, because it’s never been easier to get yourself some much needed Bad Medicine!

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