Blend Off! Mixes it Up Again on Kickstarter

We liked Blend Off! so we were sad to see the recent Kickstarter project pulled before it could complete. Thankfully Thunder Works Games has relaunched the campaign! They have also added some bonus content!

We tried a preview copy of Blend Off! and while it is a very simple game, it was also packed with a lot of silly blender-related fun. In the game 2 to 4 players race to fulfill smoothie requests by rolling dice to add ingredients to their blenders. The ingredients range from mangoes to apples to blueberries. Just be careful that someone doesn’t hand you the dreaded durian fruit! Each recipe has a star rating of 1 to 3 points. When all the recipes have been completed, the person who has earned the most stars from their smoothies wins.

blend off

jessasmJess: It’s fast, light, and easy enough for the whole family to enjoy, but what I really love about it that Thunder Works will be adding high quality fruit meeples and custom dice. It adds the bonus of having recognizable shapes as well as colors to cue off of for people who suffer from color blindness.

Check out our full preview here!:

Blend Off! – Kickstarter Preview

The Kickstarter edition of Blend Off! will now also include the The Mystery Twisters expansion. These cards ask for 3 of one fruit plus a mystery fruit which cannot be a durian (you can’t get rid of it that easy).

For $19 you get one copy of Blend Off! plus all stretch goals and the Mystery Twisters mini-expansion. Head on over to the re-launched Blend Off! Kickstarter campaign to pledge now and check out our preview for more info below.

Blend Off! – Kickstarter Preview

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