Test Your Post-Apocalyptic Skillset in Outlive – On Kickstarter Now!

The sirens have gone silent, the fallout has settled, and you have been nominated leader of the survivors. Can you guide your tribe to survival? Well in Outlive you are going to darned well try!
Outlive, designed by Gregory Oliver and published by La Boite de Jeu, is a post-apocalyptic worker placement game. In this 1-4 player game, you are the leader of a tribe which must gather resources to build up a shelter, fix equipment, and feed your people. Unfortunately the world has been ravaged by radiation and has turned savage.

outlive board

You get six days or turns to gather as many resources as you can while avoiding other players and recruiting other survivors. Each turn is broken up into a day/night cycle. You can move your heroes around the board during the day and at night you must distribute your resources to feed your people and improve your shelter.

jessasmJess: Outlive reminds me of the video game Fallout (which I am a huge fan of) so I am instantly attracted to it. Also, the game is gorgeously illustrated by Miguel Coimbra (7 Wonders Duel, Sea of Clouds, and Small World). The basic set comes with custom meeples, but for around $40 extra bucks you can get a crazy amount of really great looking minis. Most of the time, I am the last person to invest in the super duper deluxe versions of games, but with 326 minis and resources that come with their own organizer boxes, this one may just be worth it!

outlive premium

For a pledge of Pledge €42 or about $48 USD you get one copy of Outlive base box including all unlocked stretch goals. If you up your pledge to €79 or about $90 USD you’ll get the Outlive Exclusive collector box plus stretch goals. There are only six days left on the project and the campaign has already met its target funding and unlocked all but one stretch goal! Head on over to the Outlive Kickstarter page to scavenge up a copy of your very own.


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