New Titles from Game Salute

Game Salute has a few awesome new things cooking right now!
black orchestra
Firstly their WWII themed game, Black Orchestra, is now in pre-order. Black Orchestra is a co-op game for 1-5 players where everyone is a conspiring historical figure in the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces), Abwehr (Military Intelligence) or from the Civilian population. You play through WWII, trying to change the course of history and gather enough resources so that you might have a chance at assassinating Hitler.

To do so, you will need to fulfill plot cards. Each conspirator will have their own and to successfully pull off your mission you will roll a set of dice. If you can manage to  roll a number of targets equal to or more than Hitler’s Military Support while avoiding rolling too much suspicion, your plot is enacted and you’ll reap the rewards.

black orchestra 2

You only get three actions per turn, so you must be strategic on how you spend them. Will you do what the government expects of you to throw off suspicion or will you take large risks for high rewards?

black orchestra

March on over to to get more details and pre-order the game, lest anyone question your motives…

Game Salute also has a new Kickstarter rolling right now: Gaslight Empire Games Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts!

The previous games, Skyway Robbery, by Philip duBarry, and Ruse, by Levi Mote and Sarah Sharp, are both set in the Gaslight Empire series and serve to set the stage for this steam-punk version of our world. The new games take a different look at the city from the eyes of the law and the manipulators or society.

chief inspector

In Chief Inspector, by Philip duBarry, everyone will play investigators in search of a master criminal that has been terrorizing the town. You’ll have 5 suspects, each with a set of clues to uncover. Whichever suspect has the highest value is your man!  If you manage to nab them the King might just promote you to Chief Inspector! Just don’t become too corrupt in your quest to chase down evil or you’ll be dragged down along with it.

city of outcasts

City of Outcasts, by Garrett Herdter (Miskatonic School for Boys and Hollow Cell) will have you moving behind the scenes in a power play to create your own empire. You will manipulate powerful factions against each other to gain allies. Players be dealt one face down ally from the 13 available and then a number of cards equal to the players +1 will be placed on the table face down. Each player will select a card so only 1 will remain on the table. Then players will place one of the cards they hold in front of them and reveal the other. Whoever reveals the highest value card wins their tabled card’s influence points. If you have the most points at the end of the game, you win and establish your dominance over the city.

city of outcasts 2

jessasmJess: I love the idea of games set in a continuing world. These look gorgeous and the theme really appeals to me, but I am a little hesitant – Game Salute has had a rocky relationship with Kickstarter, and while some of their projects have worked out fine, some have had extensive delays. What do you guys think? Have you had a different experience?

2 thoughts on “New Titles from Game Salute

  • June 2, 2016 at 12:32 pm


    I am the designer of City of Outcasts and I know that Game Salute has had some rocky history. This is my first game with them and I will say that they have been great. This past year Dann May and John Richards have done a great job in trying to get the ship turned around. They have been fantastic! Phillip and I both back Game Salute because of what they are now doing. I trust them.

  • June 2, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    That is fantastic to hear! I’m glad they are turning things around. Your City of Outcasts game looks really exciting 🙂 I have not played any of the Gaslight Empire series, but I am eager to try them.


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